Why The Falcons Have the NFL's Best Uniform

The Falcons are currently wearing, what I believe, is one of the very best football uniforms ever designed.

If you’re unfamiliar with the world of football uniform aesthetics, I can assure you that sentence will cause many a reader to question if they read it correctly and my sanity.

And that’s what makes this particular topic interesting to me; because most fans of sports design will tell you the “Dirty Bird” uniform is actually one of the very worst in the NFL. I’ve seen it described as a “clown suit”, a “dumpster fire”, and a “hot mess”.

I see this uniform not only as the most beautiful, attractive, and bad ass modern design in the league, but also as visual perfection — an A+. A grade I would not give to any other NFL team.

There is no official rule book or scale to critique these things, so naturally I had to develop my own. Based on the things I feel make a great uniform design, I created an A-to-F scale (or 1-to-5 star if you like) to assist in critiquing uni designs — the criteria for an A is this:

A — ExceptionalDesign that is unique to the team and/or perfectly captures their culture/brand. May be a traditional design, but no mistaking for competitors. Technical craftsmanship is without flaws. Consistency and unity among every element and across every jersey cut and helmet design.

If I’m being charitable about it, I could grade 6 other NFL teams with an A. But, that would require overlooking the sleeve stripe hacking of the Packers, Steelers, and 49ers, omitting the poorly drawn Raiders logo, letting go of the tangents of the Bears’ GSH sleeve monogram, and passing by the inconsistent tailoring of the Colts’ jersey stripes.

And if I were to mark each of those teams with an Exceptional grade, Atlanta would still be my personal favorite due to it’s modern boldness, great color, and clean lines.

brandon moore