I felt it important to write this manifesto as I take an evolutionary step in my Design career. The work I wish to do is no longer about a logo or a wordmark itself, but how & why all of that works along with every other touchpoint. This means still living within my discipline of logos & identity design, but going deeper into it than ever before. I’ve discovered a new level to it all & it’s reignited my passion for it. This is a step away from Graphic Design exclusively & towards what has always been at the core of my art since I began drawing— a need to create things. Its no longer about designing the labels on the cups but, the cup form as well. 

This manifesto aims to establish a set of values that define who I am as a Graphic Artist & what I believe to be true about art & graphic design. I have also included articles I’ve written over the years on my blog ‘Graphic Language’ that still reflect my core values & where the title of this text comes from. It is important for me to do this for myself, but as you are reading it now, I must have thought it could help someone else as well. I hope it does.

Download the Manifesto